Love Beyond Measure, 2009, gouache on paper

In the legend, Sohni uses an earthenware pot as a buoy as she swims across the river Chenab to meet her lover, Mahiwal. In Arpana's paintings, the pot becomes a metaphor for the human body. Here - the roundness of the pot is mirrored by its placing within a circular shape - but also offset by the linearity of the ruler.

The rulers symbolically indicates that Sohni's love for Mahiwal is literally 'beyond measure'. Because this is a small work, Arpana represents Sohni and Mahiwal by their footwear. The footwear is ornate and reminiscent of the traditional shoes - juttis - still worn for ceremonial occasions such as weddings, especially in North India and Pakistan. Traditionally made of fine leather and embroidered in gold and silver, they capture the romance of the past.