Love Beyond Measure, diptych, 2001 and 2009; oil on canvas

Sohni sets out to meet her lover, Mahiwal. In the first half of this diptych, Sohni is once again accompanied by illustrations of rulers and protractors, symbolising the 'immeasurability' of her love. In the second half, Mahiwal sits on the banks of the Chenab, waiting for Sohni. The ring of light in the top right of this painting is the Queen's Necklace of Bombay - a long boulevard, so called because if viewed at night its lights look like a necklace.
This image was inspired by one of the Bollywood films on the legend. Sohni and Mahiwal were believed to have met only at night, whilst the townspeople who would have condemned their relationship were asleep. Swimming elephants, lotus leaves, spiral cloud and water shapes, are all inspired by a number of Indian miniature painting traditions. In the arrow is a female head: Sohni swiftly on her way to meet Mahiwal.