All is Fair in Love and War, 2012; oil on canvas

Sohni stands triumphant against the society that would reject her love for Mahiwal. The weapons along the left hand side of the picture represent the reality and violence of the world today. Love stands opposite, dominant and triumphant. Sohni balances on one leg, a difficult stance to maintain and one traditionally adopted by yogis and Jain mystics alike. It is a pose that combines delicacy with strength. Sohni is balancing on the pot - the symbol of her love.
Love can conquer violence and death. The distinctive green background, very occasionally used by Arpana, as well as the elongated figure, is inspired by the school of Deccani painting that flourished from the late 16th century onwards in places like Bijapur, Golconda and Ahmednagar. Deccani artists often used mineral based pigments to create a particular shade of green.